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Dennis Engi

Dennis Engi
College Professor

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Room 201

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Research Interests

Dr. Engi’s research interest is in identifying, understanding, and managing issues that have significant impacts on our quality of life. The dimensions of quality of life that are explored include human health, human rights, economic well-being, cultural heritage preservation, environmental quality, availability of services, and faith that our institutions will continue to serve us well.  The issues of most concern are those having an immediate or impending impact on national or international safety or security. The underlying systems from which these issues emerge are typically complex, adaptive, intelligent, system of systems with emergent behavior. The methodological approach being developed and implemented includes elements of risk analysis, dynamic simulation, optimization, intelligent agents, decision theory, and game theory. The solution space that is typically explored includes regulations; fiscal incentives; information, education, and outreach; technology development and deployment; inter/intra institutional relations; and enforcement.