Operations Research

What is Operations Research?

Operations Research (OR) involves the application of scientific methods and thinking to practical decision making. In particular, real world systems are represented by mathematical models, which are then analyzed by a collection of quantitative methods. The typical objective of an OR problem is to determine the “best” allocation of resources to achieve a desired outcome at the lowest possible cost.

The Operations Research Program at NMSU

In the Department of Industrial Engineering at New Mexico State, we are committed to the comprehensive education of our students in the theory and application of Operations Research. A full range of courses that cover the deterministic and stochastic aspects of the discipline are offered. Additionally, the Advanced Modeling and Simulation Laboratory (AMSL) provides students with the latest in computational hardware and software to aid in solving “real-world” OR applications. Several departmental faculty members are actively involved in OR related research projects with both the public and private sectors which offers a vast array of applied research opportunities for our graduate level students.

What You Will Learn in Operations Research

Students will learn how to model real world problems such as scheduling, allocating resources, and optimization in a stochastic and deterministic environment.

Operations Research Examples

Specific operations research related examples include the optimal pricing and scheduling of major airlines, the efficient use of radiation therapy in cancer treatment, and the optimal allocation of aircraft sorties in combat situations.

Career Opportunities in Operations Research

Operations Research professionals enjoy a wide array of employment opportunities in government, industry, and academia. These include:

  • Service Industries — Industrial Engineer
  • Financial Institutions — Quantitative Analyst
  • Hospitals — Operations Engineer
  • Universities — Professors


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