Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Degree Program Qualifying Exam

1. Format

  • 50% foundation IE exam
  • 50% student selected IE area specific exam
  • Exam offered in two parts. Student will have access to computer on both days. Exam must be typed.:
    • Foundation IE, all day Friday
    • IE Specific area exam: all day Monday.

2. Content

  • IE Foundation Portion of the Exam (all students will take identical exam for the foundation portion) Foundation portion consists of four areas:
    • Operations Research – Deterministic and Stochastic
    • Probability and Statistics
    • Industrial Engineering Theory
    • Combination of questions from one or all of these four areas. Selection of Manufacturing, Engineering Economy, Process Improvement, Methods.
  • IE Specific Topics Portion of the Exam (Each student taking the qualifier must select two of the topics listed below for testing at least 6 weeks before the exam is offered. The student will work with his or her advisor on selecting the topics. The advisor must submit the two selected areas to the Chair of the Examining Committee at least one month before the exam is offered.)
    • Manufacturing
    • Computer/Simulation Modeling
    • Stochastic Operations Research
    • Queuing Theory
    • Design Optimization (product, facility, process, etc.)
    • Algorithmic Optimization (Dynamic cases)
    • Quality Control
    • Systems Integration and Control
    • Facility Design and Layout
    • Reliability

Topic to be decided on by the advisor and student.