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New Mexico State University
Department of Industrial Engineering
College of Engineering

Delia J. Valles-Rosales
Associate Professor


Contact Information

Office: Ed and Harold Foreman Engineering Complex, Rm 288
Office Hours
Phone: Office: (575) 646- 2978
Laboratory: (575) 646-4950, Room 121
Fax: (575) 646-2976
Academic Webpage:
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Research Interests

Dr. Valles-Rosales has developed research projects that involve the optimization of manufacturing processes to protect the environment; reducing manufacturing costs and scrap, designing and planning the best facilities; reducing process cycle time; selecting the appropriate raw material; facilitating collaboration among companies and academia; reducing fatigue among employees; and increasing the pool of women and minorities in engineering careers.

The following are some of the specific projects she is currently working on:

(a) Industrial Engineering of Green Manufacturing Technologies.

(b) Mathematical and Simulation Modeling in Industrial Engineering

  • Injection Molding process control and optimization
  • Large scale manufacturing of MEMS
  • Large scale manufacturing of CNTs

(c) Development of Industrial Models in Agronomy Production in New Mexico .